About us

About us

We offer reasonable pricing health care plans, insurance packages to clients.

Sun Hospital is not just a name; we’ve been around for almost 5 years. We pride ourselves on our clinical expertise and customer service and are committed to providing the highest quality patient care in a compassionate, safe and patient-focused manner.

We also excel in Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Infertility and have on-site physician specialists in Gynecology & infertility, General surgery Medicine, Oncology, Urology, Plastic surgery, Orthopedic, ENT surgery, Physiotherapy, Dietician, Chest physician, Pathology, Sonography, Laparoscopic surgery, and Endoscopy. We are recently been recognized by National Accreditation of Board of Hospitals, a board of Quality Council of India.

24 Hour Emergency

Open round the clock for conve-nience, quick and easy access

Complate Lab Services

Cost-efficient, comprehensive and clinical laboratory services

Medical Professionals

Qualified and certified physicians for qulity medical care